Creating a Company Handbook

Using Hugo Modules to create a company handbook

I recently (e.g. today) discovered Hugo Modules. I have also been investigating the possibility of using a static site generator to create a company handbook, something along the lines of the one Gitlab has.

The discovery of Hugo Modules means that I should be able to maintain a core site with the various teams maintaining their own sites to be included during the build.

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Moving to Hugo

Moving My Blog To A New Home

Having had my old blogger site since 2010 with no posts since 2016, it felt like the right time to start trying to blog more and to move to a more modern statically generated site. This would enable me to just write markdown without the hassle of then getting that into blogger. I could then apply CI/CD to have the site automatically build with updates. In this instance, since I’m also attempting to learn Go, I chose Hugo.

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