Downloading Webex Recordings with Go

Using the Cisco Webex Meetings XML APIs

This particular requirement is how I started my Go journey. I’d taken an initial look with other languages – it looked doable but not that straight forward. Plus, I ideally wanted a command line tool that I could give to other people. Python and Node just weren’t going to cut it. I was keen to take a look at Go and thought I would see if it could meet my needs. As it turned out, it was super simple and definitely the right choice.

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Moving to Hugo

Moving My Blog To A New Home

Having had my old blogger site since 2010 with no posts since 2016, it felt like the right time to start trying to blog more and to move to a more modern statically generated site. This would enable me to just write markdown without the hassle of then getting that into blogger. I could then apply CI/CD to have the site automatically build with updates. In this instance, since I’m also attempting to learn Go, I chose Hugo.

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